Thunder and Rain," is an ebullient gospel-folk song with subtle lyrics that grabs you at the collar from the very first note. ”

Ed Kellerman, Professor of Written and Oral Communication, University of Florida, Arbus Magazine

Ample Angst is the most recent musical project of songwriter, Mike Bernos, who after the successful creation of the blues-rock driven, Spice and the Po Boys, reconnects with his introspective folk roots. The band has performed at the esteemed Ponte Vedra Concert Hall as well as having established itself as a regular at the popular, Blue Jay Listening Room in Jacksonville Beach where it plays to mostly sold-out audiences. To best express his lyrically influenced songs, he brought together vocalist, Olivia Chernyshev, the velvet-voiced veteran of Jacksonville's musical theater scene, young violinist Joseph Henderson, and multi-instrumentalist and co-collaborator of several years, Cyrus Quaranta. The chemistry has produced rich musical textures and compelling harmonies between the crystal-clear mezzo-soprano of Chernyshev and the John-legend tinged voice of Quaranta.Bernos displays a broad musical range and a lithe lyrical touch with the seven songs he penned for the EP, Thunder and Rain. Between the elegiac ballad, "Let Her Go" and bluesy shuffle, "Neon Love," there is some New Orleans honky-tonk and folk-gospel, which, go straight to Bernos's Catholic and indulgent roots curated in that great musical city. The band caught the attention of legendary studio and performing cellist, Dave Eggar, who is featured on the EP.

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