Olivia Chernyshev, Vocals

                Cyrus Quaranta, Bass and Vocals

                Joseph Henderson, Violin and Vocals

                Mike Bernos, Guitar and Vocals  

Thunder and Rain," is an ebullient gospel-folk song with subtle lyrics that grabs you at the collar from the very first note. Using double lead singers who complement each other perfectly and three-part harmonies, the song soars even higher with Dave Eggar's sublime cello and scoring. If this is their first effort, you’ll be looking for more.”

Arbus Magazine

Thunder and Rain, Neon Love, Prayer for St.Jude

Thunder and Rain

Thunder and Rain

Neon Love

Prayer for St. Jude

Beans and Rice 

Fire on the Bayou

Ler Her Go

Blind Me with Your Love

Queen of Hearts 

Is Anybody There


All Songs Giggyanme Publishing, 2018, Mike Bernos except Fire on the Bayou and Hallelujah