AmpleAngst, Jacksonville, Florida,

Genres: Indie, Folk, Country, Introspective, Lyrical

AmpleAngst made its imprint on the regional music scene with its 2018 release of Thunder and Rain, a 10-song record blending singer/songwriter, Americana, folk, country and honkey-tonk. Featuring vocalist Olivia Chernyshev, violinist Hannah Barrow, solo guitarist Kyle Cohen, double bassist Jeremy Gray, and founder and songwriter Mike Bernos, the band has expanded into a conceptual group to include other notable and important musicians and singers from around the country. Equally important is its collaboration with Grammy-nominated arranger and cellist, Dave Eggar, who also plays on many of the song's orchestral arrangements.  

Ample Angst began as a musical project of songwriter, Mike Bernos, who after the successful creation of the blues-rock driven, Spice and the Po Boys, sought to reconnect with his introspective folk roots and now has expanded his catalogue in include some to the most gifted singers and musicians to lend creative expression to his musical ideas, AmpleAngst is available on all streaming platforms.